Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WIP Wednesday: Rosetta Skirt

The second half of the Rosetta skirt is almost done; I only have the ribbing for waist left to do. I've been curious about how the seams would look so decided to start. The photo below shows the "right side" of linen stitch, the seam at the top is stitched between the slipped stitches on the edge, the bottom is the invisible mattress stitch.

Rosetta skirt seams

This picture shows the reverse side. The top is the reverse side of the traditional mattress stitch (invisible on the "right side"). You can see that it is a thicker seam. The bottom is the reverse side of the seam stitched between the slipped stitches.

Rosetta skirt seams

If I stitch in the middle of the slipped stitches I can wear Rosetta as a reversible skirt, making the seam visible on both sides. However, after seeing Del's beautiful Dolman Pullover that has the seams on the outside, I'm tempted to do the regular mattress stitch making the seam invisible on the right side, with a bulkier seam on the reverse. What do you think?

August 15 2007 006

Olga and Jason's Murka.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Zitron Unikat, Blues

I had the bright idea of using my leftover yarn to make baby clothes. I'm never ready when I find out that a friend or colleague is preggers. Last year this time, I dropped my WIPs to knit baby gifts, now I've dropped everything again to knit for two pregnant co-workers. Turns out that very little that I have is suitable: it's handwash, machine-washable but not dryable, or scratchy wool, or I don't have enough of whatever is suitable.

So I bought some kid-friendly yarn to make baby clothes, but I also bought this from someone on Ravelry:

Zitron Unikat Blues

It's Zitron Unikat in Blue. It's not washable, but I want to make this, and maybe this. These little knitted jean jackets are so cute that it doesn't matter. I will give them to someone who doesn't mind handwashing. They'll be the first FOs for the "unknown baby boom," as Amanda put it!


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