Friday, January 25, 2013

Sneak Peek: CHANEL Hong Kong Collection

For the opening of the new CHANEL fashion boutique in Hysan Place in Hong Kong, Peter Philips has created three exclusive products:  an eye shadow palette 'Ombres Matelassées' and two nail polishes.

This is a new interpretation of the 5 Ombres palette launched for the opening of Montaigne in 2012.  Its name is "Pearl River," recalling the reflections of the Chinese sea surrounding the city.  I'm loving these warm colors. 

The two contrasting nail polishes are named "Eastern Light" and "Western Light," to represent Chanel's vision of Hong Kong as representative of the perfect meeting point between eastern and western cultures.
Eastern Light, "an opaque white."

Western Light, "deep chocolate with a heart of pearly red." 

Having missed Chanel's chocolate nail polish years ago, I'm eager to see this one.

This exclusive collection will be available in February at Chanel Studios, including the Nordstrom Flagship Store in Seattle.  Call Ondrea Watson, Chanel Studio Counter Manager at 206-628-2111 for pricing and to preorder.

Photos and product descriptions from CHANEL.

(Edited for spelling.)


  1. I wanttttttttttttt...the dark polish!

  2. Wasn't that palette released earlier too? Or was that a different one with a similar pattern?

    Okay I checked...different :P

  3. Would this also be available Though they seem to get most new stuff really late, which is so odd!

    1. Radhika, the first Ombres Matelassees Palette, Montaigne, was released in the Chanel stores and studios long before it appeared on I imagine that will happen with the new Pearl River palette. I ordered mine from Ondrea Watson at the Nordstrom Flagship Store in Seattle, 206-628-2111. Give her a call. She's really sweet and will take care of you!

    2. Thanks, Ava! I want only the dark nail polish..for am wondering if I should just a bit longer and hopefully these will turn up some place I can get free shipping - plus since you did order the eyeshadow, I want to see the swatches before deciding.

    3. You're in luck Radhika, Nordstrom ships free.

    4. Oh they do? Thank you so much..:D :D :D

  4. I added a link to this post on Hope that's okay..:)

  5. Thank you! I was wondering if they are worth owning! Love the eyeshadow palette!

  6. Hong Kong Chanel stuff are bloody expensive over there. Their bags and cosmetics are totally overpriced. But I do love this style.



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