Friday, April 04, 2008

Almost FO: Parrotfish/Pomatomus Hat

I got some knitting done while I was in Frankfurt. I started the Parrotfish/Pomatomus hat on the flight over and finished it while I was there.

Parrotfish/Pomatomus Hat

It still has 2 US3 circs holding six stitches in the top. I have two fur cuffs that when fastened together, go around my head. I thought I would use them as a band, to make a Russian-style fur hat, but I don't like this look for me. I'm not used to looking at hats that flatten my hair like a skull cap.

So though I think it's a cute hat, and it was a fun knit, I'm frogging it. I used Sundara "Black over Violet," which will now become a pair of socks.

Nicole, Thanks for the offer! I'd love to go on yarn "crawl" in Frankfurt. If you go to Unikat, please say hello to Claudia, and let me know what you buy and plan to make.

Palm Garden

Palm Garden, Frankfurt


  1. You luv that Pom pattern. I really need to try it. Glad that beautiful yarn will be re-purposed into another beautiful item!

    I really need to get on Sundara's secret list as it has been impossible for me to get her yarn!!

    Have a great weekend Ava!

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  3. too bad the hat is not your style - it looks great. but better to make something you will get use out of with that lovely yarn.

  4. Great Ava, so next time your in Frankfurt, let me know. I hope to pass by "Unikat" soon. It's not on my usual path since I live on the other side of the city. But when I do, I will pass on your greetings!

    The pattern of the hat looks great. I wonder if you can make a more slouchy beret kind of hat with the pattern.



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