Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I want to make these! (and adventures in I-Cord)

These are Annie Modesitt designs, the "Corset Tank Top Pullover." Aren't they just stunning? It's the same pattern, without and with sleeves. They're made of Artyarns Regal Silk. Finding a substitute yarn is obviously an option, but I so love the colorway shown. I don't have room for one more skein, but I should at least buy the pattern. It's so frustrating to finally decide to buy something only to discover that it is discontinued. I've done it often.

I learned how to make I-Cord for Mermaid last night. It was fun for a while, but it's going to get old fast. The Mermaid instructions say to knit as much i-cord as required to go around the perimeter of the sweater, then pick up stitches on the i-cord to begin the body of the sweater, but I'll go mad before that happens. (And how many pictures of i-cord progress do y'all want to look at?!!?) That may seriously sway me to knit the i-cord separately on my commute, knit the body of the sweater separately at home, and sew the i-cord on after the sweater is assembled. I made a sweater for my mom once that required sewing on a band of cable after the sweater was assembled and it work out just fine. On the other hand, sewing it on will create a seam that would not exist if I pick up the stitches as instructed. Maybe I should knit enough i-cord to begin the sweater and knit more as I go along. That's probably the best thing.

Wonder how it came to be called i-cord?

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