Saturday, March 11, 2006

Nordstrom Cosmetic Trend Show

It was great - even if I had to get up at 6AM in order to be there at 7:30. I was actually there before my friend and got us front row seats! Nordstrom served coffee, mimosas, fruit and pastries. The show featured models of all ages with the latest fashions and they were, of course, wearing the latest makeup trends. Nordies brought in national makeup artists who made presentations during the course of the show and they gave away lots of makeup and gift baskets. The show was over at 9:30 and the audience went to the cosmetic department for makeovers. It was packed. My only criticism is that we weren't told the clothing brands the models had on. There were several crochet tops and skirts and even handbags. Got lots of ideas for new projects.

Anyone have trouble knitting stuff for the season coming up? I mean, why didn't I start that Elann skirt months ago when the news letter was e-mailed? (OK, I'm whining again!) I wasn't in the mood to knit a summer skirt in the dead of winter. Now there isn't much time to finish one up before fall, unless I want to abandon every other project I'd like to work on.

A little late but...I'm really surprised that Daniel didn't win the Project Runway contest. I think he got the real prize though: a job offer from Michael Kors.

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