Sunday, September 24, 2006

Change of Schedule Already

Oh boy! The Lizard Ridge afghan is definitely not going to be a commuter project. Having to constantly turn the work to do the short rows means I won't able to stop wherever I am in the work then easily resume knitting - I forget where I was! It doesn't help that the wrapped stitches are hard to see, so I have to count them. Also, having to alternate working with the yarn from the outside then from the center of the ball every six rows causes what Aija calls "yarn burp." You should have seen the tangled mess I had last night! I was so frustrated that I didn't think to take a picture. The yarn is rough, the tangled mess started to felt together while I attempted to detangle it (bad sign!), then I discovered this while I was in the middle of a row:

Frayed yarn is manageable, but on top of everything thing else I've recounted... Why do people love this yarn so much? Maybe I should consult with my LYS about the yarn substitutions as i said I was going to. Looks like My So Called Scarf or the Anastasia socks, both of which have deceptively easy and memorizable patterns, will become commuter projects. OK, enough whining.

Made good progress on the Michael Kors Cardi. The first sleeve is half done:

I'm using Filatura di Crosa Zara Plus and it's a dream to knit (got it for nothing at Elann two years ago). Maybe when both are done I'll have the courage to face the rest of the project.


  1. I worked on short rows for my hedgehog where I carried the fur along with the wool and so I know what you mean about the wraps being difficult to see.

    I love the color of your cardi.

  2. That sleeve is looking good! I hope you can happily finish the rest of it.

  3. Great job with sleeve. Sorry to hear the other project sucks. If you really MUST have a commuter project, knit me a pair of knee sock, any color will do. :-0

  4. Hi Ava! New to your blog, but wanted to say thanks for stoppping by mine! Cardi progress looks GREAT, and sorry to hear you had such a fiber mess to deal with(what yarn is that??).

    Love all the shots of your project progress and congrats on your vacation weight loss!!

  5. I love Noro Kureyon - I just finished a felted bag made with it. But as I was making the I-Cord handle, the yarn just broke. Thank goodness for felting.

  6. Hi Ava - thanks for your comment on my Prosperous Plum tank (no, I didn't ask Joanne about the cables... I didn't want to sound critical, it's just the matchy-matchy part of me that is not so crazy about them)...

    Kureyon - I think it's the colors that people are in love with... I know that's what sucks me in, but I'm with you... as just yarn, it frustrates me!

  7. Oops, the cut in the yarn is too bad. I like that cabled cardigan very much too. Your sleeve is looking good, I'm sure it's going to be fabulous.

  8. Ava, one of the things in my pattern that landed on the floor of the technical editor was a comment that you don't have to alternate between the 2 ends of the skein. Your block won't have as much definition between the bands, but it might be worth it if you find the other way frustrating. I have a picture of one block I did that way (and then redid) I'll find it and email it to you.

  9. Hmm, can't find a link with your email - email me at if you want the picture.



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