Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So Many KALs, So Little Time

I joined the Grey's Anatomy KAL and Socktoberfest yesterday. I always have a pair of socks on needles, so why not? I have some grey self-patterning yarn with which I will probably knit Jaywalkers for the Grey's Anatomy KAL (you don't actually have to knit anything grey) I should join the Fall Cable KAL 2006 as a prod to finish my Michael Kors Cable Cardi, but I'm afraid to commit myself. To the KAL at least. Did you know that there's also an Intolerable Cruelty Skirt KAL ? I would love to make this skirt, but I'm overcommitted. And a Leapin' Lizards KAL for the new Lizard Ridge afghan on Knitty. Maybe this will become a commuting project whenever Noro Kureyon goes on sale.

Sock update: P-socks are finally kitchenered, but there's no sunlight for good pix. I don't like the effect of a camera flash. It might be time to buy an OTT light. I have to buy a new Addi for the Anastasias. I'm knitting a pair of Broadripples in white for Mom for Christmas. Don't ask me when I'll get to the new STR project that just arrived:

I like this colorway better than the others so I might actually get around to knitting these. There are two patterns; I think I'll knit this one by Cookie A., designer of Pomatomus.

I got hooked on beading while on vacation. I'll post a picture as soon as Blogger cooperates. So I joined Beads Forever yesterday too. Someone had a great pictoral on how to attach beads to knitting projects with a needle threader but I can't find it now. If any of you know where it is, please let me know. Thanks!


  1. Yee haw! Socktoberfest is back, and I'm in a sockknitting mood!

    On the Ott-lite Tip, I have one I call the Fake-Ott Lite. I knit by it, sometimes I even take pictures with it. It's well-worth the investment, and you can knit longer with less eyestrain with a natural sunlight lamp. Since I've had mine, I've knit more black and navy blue items than ever before.

  2. Nice yarn! I know what you mean about committing to KALs, which is why I haven't done one yet. I want to, but I feel like, if I don't finish, I'd feel bad (don't ask me why).

    I also am thinking about an OTT light, especially for lacework. It's almost a necessity!

  3. hi ava, thanks for the nod to my intolerable cruelty kal. wish you could join us, but i know from knitalong overcommitment. enjoying your blog very much.

    cheers, Velma, KAL hostess



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