Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spittin' and Fiddlin'

Have to tell y'all before Project Runway comes on that I bought some more Noro Kureyon despite my better judgment. There were a few skeins available on Destash - Cash for Your Stash, and I bought it because it was there. And because it was pretty. I knit a few rows on my square last night. After reaching down to carefully unwind it so that it didn't tangle, I reached for the running yarn and there was nothing there. It broke while I wasn't looking! Since Trish says it felts so well, I figured I'd spit splice it. ( Purlwise has a great pictorial showing how she does it.) Didn't think much about the spit part until I got ready to do it. Afterwards, all I could think of was that my palms were wet. Yuck! Y'all don't tell me water works too. I thought of it, but I was too lazy to get off the couch.

I started the second Anastasia sock and reached the heel. Since I'm always in search of the perfect short row heel, I decided to try the Priscilla Gibson Roberts short-row heel that Aija worked so well. (Again Purlwise has a great tutorial illustrating how to do it.) I have to tell you it's awfully fiddly. I'm going to rip it and try it again, but not tonight. I'm ribbing Orangina tonight while Project Runway is on. Go Michael!

Since I have no knitting pix, I'm going to post my favorite Canyon Ranch shot. In a stroke of luck one evening, a cotton-tail bunny was sitting under a bunny statue.


  1. Spit Splice, that is yucky. The little bunny thought that was mommy.

  2. Spit splicing, especially with Noro, can be an adventure, I agree!

  3. Lovvvvve the bunny statue with the live bunny, it doesn't get much better than that.



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