Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Nothing bores me more than rib knitting. Orangina's a top down knit, ending with 3x3 rib. Bleh. It's about 16 inches long and hits me right at the waist, so I'm on the home stretch. I've changed the pattern a bit, making the lace section a bit shorter, and adding more ribbing so that it's more form-fitting. Got the idea from Cmeknit at So Much Yarn, So Little Time! I love her version.

I made the small size instead of the usual large because the Rowan Linen Drape I'm using stretches a lot. I figure I've knit in 4 inches of negative ease. I hope this puppy fits. I've tried it on, but you never really know until you've seamed it.

I joined the Fall Cable KAL 2006 in order to jumpstart the MK Cable Cardi. The back is finished; the front left section is 3/4 finished, but I can't tell where I left off in the rather elaborate instructions for shaping the shawl collar and sleeve simultaneously. I'm sure I had some momentum going and some understanding of the instructions at the time, because the front/left section corresponds to the back, and what there is of the collar falls properly, but two years later the instructions look like a foreign language. I will try to figure it out one weekend, but I think it will probably have to be frogged. I don't have the stomach to tackle it yet, so I'm going to begin again with the sleeves.

Here's the bracelet I made. (Blogger was uncooperative for hours yesterday before Google took it down.) It only took about 20 minutes to make. Now I'm intrigued with the possibilities. I've seen lots of beautiful jewelry I'd like to make, particularly bracelets. I'd like to make rings too, but I've seen fewer of those.

I've got some necklaces I'd like to re-string too. A colleague and I went to Beaddazzled's sale at lunch time last week and went wild. Also got some fixings at A.C. Moore, who by the way, is having a sale on some its beads and related merchandise through Sept. 26th. It's whole new world.


  1. Hi, Ava-- I have a Bell and Howell floor lamp. I got a flyer for it with a credit card statement, and I paid about $40 for mine. Plenty of places sell them, like--

    I'd love an Ott-Lite, I just keep thinking of all the yarn I could buy with the cost of the Ott-Lite. So far, no problems or concerns with mine. I've had it for about two years, and I'm still on the original bulb. I use the light everyday.

  2. Ava, I love the way your Orangina is coming out, I just picked up a skein of great plied silk and swatched for orangina and this lace pattern is soo good-looking!

  3. Orangina is looking really pretty. I looked at Cmeknit's version and I can see why you would do the same conversion that she did.

    So many KAL's so little time. LOL Have fun with all these, your knitting is just amazing.



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