Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm Back

Lost a few pounds, I don't know how much, but my jeans are much looser. The best part was being fed delicious, nutritious food, waited on, and hanging out with friends every evening. The same group of women go Canyon Ranch every Labor Day weekend, so though I had not been there since 2001, it was like old home week. Made some new friends too. And it was great being back in the desert. If you like the desert, Tucson is beautiful. Here's a shot flying in:

and here are some of the grounds of the resort:

I finished one sock of my pair of Anastasias on the flight to Dallas, then a lost one of my new Addis at the airport there. So there's another good reason to pack two projects! I just hope another knitter found it. I made good progress on Orangina, in fact it's almost done. Pix later.

I maintained my good eating habits until today, when I discovered a new Taco Bell around the corner. Uh oh!


  1. Welcome home. AAHHH Tucson, my parents live a short ways from there, of course they are up in the mountains for a couple more weeks until the summer is over.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time, save for loosing one of the Addis. I find the desert quite beautiful, thanks for posting the pix.

    I'm having lots of fun knitting the Pomatomus socks, thanks for leaving the comment. I can't wait to see your Orangina.

  2. Great pics! It sounds like your time was well spent--good for you!

    And yes, that's "My So-Called Scarf" you spotted at my blog. Once you get used to the 2-row pattern, it's easy to remember & easy to do.



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