Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ask and You Shall Receive an Indigo Ripples Skirt!

Mom asked for this skirt so I gave it to her. Actually, she said "You could give me that skirt if you decide you don't want to wear it." LOL! Anyway, it fits her and looks good on her too.
Indigo Ripples Skirt
Indigo Ripples Skirt
The specs:
Pattern: Indigo Ripples Skirt designed by Kat Coyle, Interweave Knits, Spring 2007
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold "Hempathy," 5-6 skeins in navy (I can only find five ball bands, but I can't believe I only used five.) I found Hempathy tough to work with at first, I had a little callous on my right index finger where the yarn continually slid across it (I'm a thrower). In the end, I got used to working with the yarn and the callous is gone.
Needles: US4 circular
Modifications: I knit the stockinette section longer so that I could wear it to work; knit the lace section according to Kat's instructions, which makes the hem strike below the knee. Mom says she plans to replace the drawstring at the waist with a length of narrow elastic. And wear a slip underneath of course!

I started Indigo Ripples before going on vacation Aug. 31st. It was great plane knitting, including the lace section. I used Knit Picks' nifty little chart keeper to keep the pattern propped up on the seat in front of me, and on top of my luggage during layovers. I usually travel with small projects, but my list of large projects is so long that I've started to take larger projects with me wherever I go. I also get lots of interested looks and smiles these days - people seem to be more interested in what I'm knitting rather than the fact that I am knitting. That's a nice change. During my Chicago layover on the way home, a woman sat down next to me with a big smile and said "Let's see the lace you're knitting!" Turns out she had just returned from Scotland where she bought wool to knit. We started chatting as if we'd known each other for years. Keep on KIPing people!

Indigo Ripples is truly a beautiful skirt. I've already purchased more Hempathy to make another one for myself next season. The lace pattern and ruffly bottom flatter everyone. Kudos to Kat!


  1. That was just a teeny weeny hint your mom gave you, huh? LOL. That's great that you gave her that beautiful skirt.

    Happy you had a great KIP experience!

  2. Look at Momma showing her legs through that skirt. Looks Good!

  3. Nice job and you don't even have to figure out a present for your mom now!

    Mine has just asked me to knit her a shawl and I am freaking out because I'm afraid of picking the wrong yarn or the wrong pattern or the wrong color…

  4. Giggle @ her hint! :op Haha!
    I love this skirt!

    I plan to knit the stockinette longer too!

    Only 5-6 balls!! How about I have 9 balls of this Rowan Denim over here! Hmph!!!

    @ "people seem to be more interested in what I'm knitting rather than the fact that I am knitting."

    I SO agree!!

  5. Your Mom knows how to show off a wonderful skirt. They're a great match!

  6. What a great gift! She wears it well.

  7. wow... awesome skirt... is it an original?

  8. oh, now that is cute!!! i love the blue and ROFL at mama saying "give it to me!"



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