Friday, April 25, 2008

YPF: My First Handspun

Tussah Silk

Yarn: Tussah Silk Roving, bought a couple of years ago at Uniquities in Vienna, Virginia (they don't appear to have a website), but I was afraid to ruin it.
Spindle: Plain wooden top-whorl drop spindle
Comments: I just taught myself last night by watching YouTube videos and links I found on Ravelry. The Joy of Handspinning is a great site. Clearly, I need a lot more practice, but I'm really enjoying this.

Tussah Silk

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

I just happened to finish these brown/green Dashing fingerless mitts in time for Earth Day.



Yarn: Lana Grossa Furetto (wool, alpaca, and acrylic), bought at Wolle Rodel, Frankfurt
Pattern: Dashing,
Needles: US 6 DPNS
Mods: They are a "thank you" gift for our friend in Berlin who showed us around Frankfurt. Though she has large hands, I shortened the mitts by a few rows, but don't remember how many.

I'm holding a reusable fabric shopping bag, still in its case, that I bought in Frankfurt at a Rossmann Drugstore. When open, it is the size of a large plastic grocery bag. It looks like these Envirosax, but was much cheaper, even after factoring in the exchange rate. I keep it in my handbag for small purchases. It's a small step, but I swear plastic "grows" under my kitchen sink, and some bags taken back for recycling find their way to landfills if recycling becomes too expensive for local governments, so a small step that reduces consumption is better than none. Whole Foods will stop purchasing plastic shopping bags today; they will give out those remaining until they run out. They will supply paper bags instead, and will have reusable grocery bags available for purchase. I've purchased several reusable bags, but always get one or two plastic bags to carry my lunch to work, and wondered what I would do. (I realize other stores have plastic bags but they are frequently full of holes at the bottom.) I read last night on the Ravelry Greencraft forum that some have knit their own lunch bags. I should have thought of that long ago. I've never felted anything, but have some Lambspride somewhere around here. It's washable and cheap. Another WIP is born! (Does anyone have recommendations for yarn that will felt into a thinner fabric than Lambspride?) WF will still have smaller, thin plastic bags in the meat and veggie sections, but did you know that some people use tulle vegetable bags? I just read about these last night. These are expensive but you could make your own.

I bought the green polish at the same drugstore. The brand is Manhattan, #85. I'm a drugstore junky. I loved browsing the aisles of Rossmann looking at stuff we don't have here. I bought several bottles of polish and some lip liner.


Nicole, are you on Ravelry? Did you know that there is a Frankfurt group there?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kusha Kusha Scarf

Kushu Kushu Scarf

Kushu Kushu Scarf

Kushu Kushu Scarf

Kushu Kushu Scarf

Pattern: Habu Kusha Kusha, Kit-78

Yarn: a-177 Super Fine Merino and A-20 Silk Stainless in White

Needles: Addi Turbu Lace US8, 6, 4, and 3

Mods: None. Simplest of knits.

Friday, April 11, 2008

YPF: Dream in Color Smooshy

Green! It's Dream in Color Smooshy Sock Yarn in Spring Tickle. I bought it at So Much Yarn in Seattle last year. (I still need to blog that store. It's great!)

Dream in Color Smooshy

On my drive in to work Monday, I regretted not having brought any coffee with me and thought "wouldn't it be great if there was a parking space in front of that Starbucks?" Not only was there a parking space right out front, there were 30 minutes on the meter! Got my triple grande capp, and got to my meeting on time too. Isn't that a great way to start the week?

So, did you know that I'm going to cooking school??? Well not really, but Francesca is. Our own Fluffbuff is blogging her cooking school experience on her new blog Tanta Robina. Kudos to her! I'm going to enjoy following her progress and learning a thing or two. I thought about going to cooking school many years ago, but nixed it. I still cook though. I bought this last week at Williams-Sonoma. I've been trying to get one for years but it was always sold out.

Williams-Sonoma Tall Vegetable Colander

Broiled asparagus. Yum!

Broiled Asparagus

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Habu Paper and Cashmere Spring Shawl

I've been obsessing over this shawl for a few years now. I think I visited the Habu site at least once a week to admire it. I discovered too late that Habu discontinued the cashmere in the color I wanted. It can be made with Geelong lambswool, but only the cashmere came in the screaming neon lime/yellow that I wanted. I was crestfallen. I found it on sale at Purlsoho, luckily. I hope I have enough.

Habu Paper and Cashmere Spring Shawl

The shawl consists of alternating panels: one knit with one strand of A-60 shosenshi paper knit together with one strand of cashmere in straight stockinette, the other panel is three strands of cashmere knit into a leaf design. The panels are knit together using a 3-needle bind off and one strand of cashmere with beads strung on. Should be interesting. I bought the beads for it yesterday at Bead Obsessions in Old Town Alexandria.

Habu Paper and Cashmere Spring Shawl

It should be a fairly simple knit except the leaf and stockinette panels require different needle sizes and it took a while for me to get gauge and for each piece to be of equal length. This is supposed to be the project I turn to when I’m in “process knitting” mode - which is fairly often, instead of dishcloths, since I have no more room for the latter! Stay tuned.


Salvatore Restaurant, Frankfurt

Friday, April 04, 2008

Almost FO: Parrotfish/Pomatomus Hat

I got some knitting done while I was in Frankfurt. I started the Parrotfish/Pomatomus hat on the flight over and finished it while I was there.

Parrotfish/Pomatomus Hat

It still has 2 US3 circs holding six stitches in the top. I have two fur cuffs that when fastened together, go around my head. I thought I would use them as a band, to make a Russian-style fur hat, but I don't like this look for me. I'm not used to looking at hats that flatten my hair like a skull cap.

So though I think it's a cute hat, and it was a fun knit, I'm frogging it. I used Sundara "Black over Violet," which will now become a pair of socks.

Nicole, Thanks for the offer! I'd love to go on yarn "crawl" in Frankfurt. If you go to Unikat, please say hello to Claudia, and let me know what you buy and plan to make.

Palm Garden

Palm Garden, Frankfurt


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