Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WIP Wednesday

I'm informally joining Turtlegirl's WIP Wednesday. I can't promise that I'll always have to something to show you - or time to write about it and photo what I'm working on. But I do have a few things this week.

STR Walk on the Wild Tide Rockin' Sock Club Sock: I tend to save sock knitting as commuting projects but lately most the patterns I've received require more attention than I can give them on my few minutes on the bus or subway. I started the STR Walk on the Wild Tide fishnet-like pattern but loved the yarn on the stockinette toe so much that I frogged and started the whole thing over in stockinette. The hank did not do the yarn justice, nor did the pattern, in my opinion, which obscured the yarn's silkiness and the richness of the color. I'm not sure if they will fit properly or I've got enough yarn to make the knee socks in stockinette, but I'm going to try.

Twinkle Marilyn Jacket: A very quick knit made of Twinkle Soft Chunky; this was done over a weekend with US19s. It's an unusual pattern, knit all in one piece. The strips at the bottom are each only 5" wide; the "wings" you see on the side are 3/4 length sleeves. I still have the back to work. It already too hot to wear it.

ETA: The 5" strips form the front of the jacket. It's soon going to be too hot to knit it.

Adrienne Vittadini Rebecca Jacket: all the pieces are done. I'm just seaming it now. Problem is that the seams open up into huge crevices. The instructions give no guidance. Olga suggested that I hand stitch with a smaller weight yarn or machine stitch the seams. UGH. I can't tell you how much I hate to sew!

Adrienne Vittadini Sleeveless turtleneck in Miranda, a narrow cotton tape yarn: Olga took one look at this and asked if it was long enough. "Oh yeah," I said. Well it's too short after all! I mean I followed the instructions to a "T" for once, and technically it is as long as it should be inch for inch, but I never thought to measure the sweater from the top of the ribbing to the top of the shoulder. The ribbing does not stop below the bust line, but covers about 2" of the bottom of my bust line. So it fits, strictly speaking, but it's butt ugly! It's stuff like this that makes me start other projects, but I need this sweater, and it's quick knit, so I'll frog it and start over. I'm at expert at this - don't forget that I completely re-knit the Michael Kors cardi. I'm going to San Francisco next week, so this will be travel knitting.

I have other WIPs too, but I'll show you those later.

Olga, by the way, has a new sweater on Knitty: Zinzin. It's really cute. Check it out. Paloma took great photos!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful colours and projects. I may have to join WIP Wed too.

  2. look at you! knitting like crazy! i really like the marilyn jacket too. don't worry, before you know it we will be freezing again in dc.

  3. Nice updates, Ava! I don't know if I could face frogging an entire sweater/top & starting over. The sock colors are gorgeous.

  4. And I thought I had a lot of wips! All of your projects are lovely to look at, that marilyn jacket is intriguing.

  5. The strips on ETA are really interesting - I'd love to see the process of it all coming together. The STR colors are beautiful. I'm so sorry that you're going to rip out that sweater - but as you reminded us - you did that with the Michael Kors cardi.

    Have a good trip!

  6. VERY productive!!!! Nice work-- I love the sock and the white turtleneck!!

  7. Shucks, I hope I caught you before you broke out. You're not gonna frog the whole thing, are you? 'Cause you can pick up the stitches on the row where you want to lengthen the garment, knit from there, then when finished, remove the previously knitted part.

  8. you have some absolutely gorgeous knits in progress. just beautiful. have fun this summer on your trips. it's so much fun to get out there and travel!



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