Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow

Chanel describes the Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Eye Shadows as shimmering long-wear shadows with a soft and cushiony, gel texture that can also be worn as eyeliner. I bought three:  Epatant, a grayish green; Illusoire, light maroon; and Mirifique, black.




I would describe the texture as  very, very, dense foam - a little bit goes a very long way, justifying the $36 price tag for .14 ounces.  They come with a small, expandable brush that applies the shadow well enough.  I used the brush to pick up the product from the jar, but found that it blends best with my finger.  The brush is best for eye lining.

I looked forward to buying Epatant because I had seen many sneak peeks on blogs, and by the promise that it was the closest color to the famous Lancome Erica F.  I was a little disappointed that Epatant doesn't look as green on my eyelid as it does in the swatches below, and is almost overpowered by silvery shimmer, especially in bright daylight.  So I used the dark green in the Regard Perle Chanel quad as a liner to bring out the green in Epatant.   They are good match.  I couldn't take good pictures of it applied on my eye, but I'll try again.

I was pleased with the grayish purple Illusoire, which looks maroon on my eyelid.  It's wearable during the day though it has a significant amount of shimmer.  One could wear it to a casual office. 

The black Mirifique was the big surprise.  I don't usually wear black eye shadow, but it is a stunning eye liner.  It goes on effortlessly with the little expandable brush.  I've never applied eyeliner as easily.  It has a curve on the lower end that makes it slide with ease, particularly as you approach the outer end of the end of the eye and lift off.   I'm going to try it with other liners.  Chanel should seriously consider developing an eyeliner of the same texture without the shimmer.  You can see the shimmer in the closeup picture below, but it's not so obvious if you're standing at normal conversational distance.   They should also consider adding a larger eyeliner brush with the curved brush shape to their brush collection.  These shadows lasted the entire day without primer, with just a touch of fading.

Illusoire on the entire lid.
Mirifique lining the eye.
Edward Bess' Afterglow All Over Seduction used as a highlighter under the brow.
YSL Noir Radical Mascara.

What has your experience been with these shadows? 

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