Monday, August 29, 2011

d.j.v beautenizer, Fiberwig LX Mascara

I should have known better, but I couldn't resist.  On the box, this mascara is described as filled with "brush-on Fiber Extensions," that "dramatically lengthen, separate and condition."  Despite the fact that the Sephora website says the company uses "ground-breaking technology" to deliver "innovative, high-performing products to fulfill every woman's unaddressed beauty needs," this looked like an old product I bought decades ago at the drugstore. 

Despite a brush that's designed to please everyone, i.e. a straight side and curved one, it doesn't separate the lashes at all, and for the abundance of little fibers you see, very few of them appeared on my lashes except at odd angles on the tips, as you can see below. 

So it works as well as that old drugstore product too.  Well, at least it didn't smudge, and it washed off easily.  But then I use a cleansing oil designed to take off just about anything...I won't be using this mascara long enough to find out it nourishes the lashes.   This one gets returned.

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