Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sleek Au Naturel i-Divine Palette from the Nude Collection

The reviews of Sleek's eye shadow palettes have been uniformly good, and the price was right at $10 per palette, so I jumped at the chance to get this palette of what would be neutrals for my skin tone.

I was surprised at the size of the palette.  It looked so much larger in photos.  It is actually the size of two Chanel quads, and not as thick.  No big deal - makes them easier to travel with. 

The colors looked promising.

The first five colors in the top row are matte, and look flat and chalky when applied to my arm as you can see below, but have a little more interest on the eye.   They work well as bases for the shadows in the row below it.  The last shadow has some shimmer, but little pigmentation so it just looks ashy with little of the peach color you see in the palette.   I think this one may be totally useless unless I can use it to blend the matte, pale shadows in the top row with the darker ones on the bottom.  The shadows in the bottom row are are richly pigmented with a bit of shimmer.  While they spread on my arm smoothly, they applied with a bit of a drag on my eyelid, and the shimmer disappated somewhat.  I'm still on the fence about this - I'm accustomed to using eye shadows with more shimmer.  There was a bit of fall out during swatching - eta:  with a sponge applicator.

I bought two palettes; the other one is Storm, which I will review later.  Postage from the UK was $10, so these were $15 per palette.  Delivery only took about a week.  I'll let you know how these shadows wear in the Storm review.

Sleek products are available on  The site doesn't say whether these are limited edition or part of the permanent collection, so I assume they are permanent. 

What has your experience been with these palettes?


  1. I haven't tried Sleek yet, but I have read so much about it on blogs I am intrigued. I think Pixiwoo love it, and the colors in the palette you bought are gorgeous. Too bad about the texture and fallout. I'd love to look at a cool-neutral palette, lots of taupes!

  2. Hi Zuzu! I've never read in any other commentaries that Sleek shadows have fallout. I still have to swatch the other palette I bought. Maybe there will less. Fingers crossed!



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